The Insurance Brokers Code of Practice sets standards of good industry practice for insurance brokers that have agreed to follow its standards when dealing with current and prospective individual and small business clients.

By subscribing to the Code, insurance brokers have committed to:

  • continuously improve standards of practice and service
  • promote informed decision-making about their services, and
  • act fairly and reasonably in delivering those services.

The Code is owned and published by the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) and forms an important part of the broader financial services consumer protection framework.

The Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee

Insurance Brokers Code of Practice [PDF]

What does the Code cover?

The Code sets out commitments in several areas, including:

  • compliance with the law
  • managing conflicts of interest
  • advising who the member acts for
  • advising the scope of the member’s services
  • acting diligently and fairly with integrity
  • disclosure of remuneration
  • appropriate money handling
  • acting with competence
  • responding to catastrophes
  • effective handling of disputes
  • promoting the Code
  • bringing the insurance broking profession into disrepute

Who subscribes to the Code?

More than 300 insurance brokers subscribe to the Code.

Click here for a list of subscribers.

Who monitors the Code?

The Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee independently monitors the Code to ensure insurance brokers are meeting their obligations, and achieving service standards Australians can trust.

The Code Compliance and Monitoring team (Code Team) at the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) provides code monitoring, secretariat and administrative services to the Committee. The Code Team is a separately operated and funded business unit of AFCA. Find out more about Codes of Practice

Report a concern

The role of the Insurance Brokers Code Compliance Committee is to ensure insurance brokers comply with the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice. It does not provide compensation. If you are seeking compensation, talk to your financial firm or make a complaint with AFCA.

If you believe an insurance broker may have breached the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice, you can report your concern by emailing the Code Team or calling 1800 931 678.