AFCA uses expert Panels to make Determinations about particularly complex complaints we receive. Panel members are appointed by the AFCA Board based on their objectivity, qualifications, experience and relevant personal qualities.

Each panel that is formed to make a Determination will normally have three members – a Chair (an AFCA Ombudsman), an industry representative and a consumer representative.

AFCA has a large pool of Panel members covering consumer and industry specialist experience to draw on to ensure that the correct expertise is applied to each complaint.

Consumer representatives

  • Stephen Duffield
  • Paul Holmes
  • Bill Mitchell
  • Anna Nightingale
  • Paul O’Shea
  • Joan Staples
  • Catherine Wolthuizen
  • Peter Gartlan

Industry representatives

General Insurance

  • Thomas Brennan
  • Tim Griffiths
  • Terry Wakefield
  • Richard King (Medical Indemnity)
  • Tim Webber (Medical Indemnity)

Financial planning

  • Bruce Beakey
  • Mike Britton
  • Philip Campbell
  • Jennifer Diggle
  • Corin Jacka
  • Martin McIntosh
  • Michael Miller
  • Peter Roan
  • Patrick Sweeney
  • Gavin Wright

Life insurance

  • Bob Emery
  • Graham Slater


  • Matthew Wigzell
  • TBC


  • TBC