How to use AFCA’s Statement of Financial Position

Completing a Statement of Financial Position is an important step in helping you to talk with your financial firm and AFCA about your current financial position. This is different to a Statement of Financial Circumstances, which is completed by dependants of a deceased superannuation fund member to show an interdependency relationship.

A Statement of Financial Position is a secure online form that you can complete, which records key information on your current financial situation and how you propose to repay your debts. The form generally takes 10–15 minutes to complete.

You only need to enter your financial information and the electronic form will do the calculations for you. The form will also step you through a series of options to help you work out what kind of help you might need.

You need to know:

  • what you earn
  • what you owe
  • what your living expenses are
  • what you own.

When you complete the electronic form, save the final form (which will be a PDF document) on your computer or device.

You can then provide the completed form to your financial firm or anyone else who is helping you, such as a financial counsellor.

If you make a complaint to AFCA, we will ask you for a copy.

Open the online Statement of Financial Position


You can also download PDF or Microsoft Word versions of the Statement of Financial position