Key features


Five free complaints

No complaint fees for the first five complaints closed within a financial year.

Reassurance for small members who could be significantly affected by an unforeseen complaint.

Gives members time to identify and address causes of complaints before incurring cost.


Single annual registration fee

All financial firm members pay a $375.55 flat fee, while Authorised Credit Representative (ACR) members pay their $65.98 annual registration fee. 

Members who receive few or no complaints only pay the annual fee.

The annual registration fee is not linked to business size or industry – so there is no unfair extra costs for firms with low complaint numbers.


Simplified complaints fees

A simplified complaint fee structure reduces complexity and encourages early resolution.

A reduced registration and referral fee means firms have a final opportunity to resolve complaints without incurring significant costs.


“User-pays” approach to fees

Heavy users pay their fair share towards AFCA’s service.

This approach reduces the burden on smaller members and those industries who are not heavy users of the scheme, and minimises cross-subsidisation across sectors.

Firms are incentivised to use internal dispute resolution to decrease complaints to AFCA. Firms can significantly reduce their fees and charges through improvements to their IDR.

The model also supports firms to better forecast and budget for complaints.

By encouraging early resolution the AFCA funding model is consistent with ASIC RG271.


Flexible invoicing

Following the funding model consultation, AFCA introduced the option for progressive invoicing for members with a user charge over a certain threshold. 

Members with a user charge of over $25,000 will be automatically invoiced monthly, however, these members can opt to receive their user charge invoices quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

Fee structure

The new funding model simplifies the structure of AFCA’s fees to reduce complexity and encourage early resolution.

Read the fee structure here.

Funding model comparison

New funding model comparison
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Change impact

Below is a summary of the change impact for financial firms under the new funding model compared to the previous funding model. 

18% of financial firm members will see a decrease in total annual fees.

71% of financial firm members will see no change to their total fees.

11% of financial firm members will see an increase in total annual fees.

These are heavy users of AFCA service which the new model helps ensure they pay a fair proportion of AFCA’s costs.

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