This page includes previous updates about AFCA's response to the independent review.

The latest update can be found on the independent review homepage.

July 2022 Update

Since March, AFCA has continued work in response to many of the review’s recommendations, with a focus on implementing the new AFCA funding model, timeliness reporting, and increasing visibility of AFCA’s Independent Assessor.

Funding model

AFCA’s new funding model launched on 1 July 2022. The model’s ‘user pays’ principle will ensure heavy users of AFCA’s services pay their fair share, while firms and industries which receive few or no complaints pay less. 

Many of the model’s features — including a simplified fee structure, the introduction of five free complaints, and reduced complaint fees—directly align with Independent Review recommendations 7 and 8 by ensuring the funding model design does not disincentivise firms from defending complaints, and by making AFCA’s fees and charges more transparent and easier to understand.  

AFCA would like to thank all those who took part in the consultation. The number of webinar attendees, views of the consultation resources, questions and submissions was the highest AFCA has ever received during a consultation.  

Feedback from stakeholders helped us improve the model even further by introducing small changes, such as progressive invoicing for members with higher annual user charges, and not charging a rules fee for complaints found to be outside AFCA’s jurisdiction.  

AFCA members will receive complaint invoices under the new model in August. 

For more information, please visit the funding model consultation report and new funding model page

Improving transparency and reporting of timeliness

AFCA has recently published our FY22 Data snapshot, which includes timeliness data. Over the past year, the average time to resolve a dispute decreased from 76 days (FY21) to 72 days (FY22). There has also been significant progress on closing complaints older than 12 months, reducing these cases from 4% of all complaints at AFCA to just 2.4%. 

This data indicates that AFCA’s recent work is having an impact and that members are continuing their efforts to resolve complaints in a timely manner.  
Later this year, to further address recommendation 5, the AFCA Annual Review 2022 will include more timeliness reporting, including: 

  • new timeliness measure to better represent where complaints resolve during AFCA’s process  
  • information about AFCA’s internal working group addressing complaints that remain unresolved beyond 12 months, and our continuous improvement program focused on operational efficiency  
  • an update on the development of AFCA’s new case management system and Member Portal, which will improve efficiency and provide more insights about complaints and timeliness. 

Improving visibility of the Independent Assessor 

To address recommendation 10, AFCA has published new easier-to-access information about the service complaints process. This includes: 

  • Simplified resources on how AFCA handles feedback and complaints about our service  
  • New information on the Independent Assessor including the steps to follow when lodging a complaint with the Independent Assessor and updated frequently asked questions 
  • AFCA is also developing short videos about the Independent Assessor and our service complaints and feedback process to ensure this information is available in multiple accessible formats. 


March 2022 Update

Work is underway to respond to the review's recommendations across the whole of AFCA. This includes using the review to inform and focus the aims of our existing projects such as the AFCA funding model, IT transformation and fairness jurisdiction project.

Funding model

AFCA is currently consulting on a new funding model to be introduced on 1 July 2022.

The AFCA Independent Review, member feedback, and the Ramsay Review of the Financial System EDR and Complaints Framework, have all influenced the model’s development.

The proposed model is designed to be efficient, sustainable, responsive and support early resolution of complaints. 

The new model addresses recommendation 7 and 8 of the AFCA Independent Review by ensuring firms are not disincentivised from defending complaints and making AFCA's fees more transparent and easy to understand.

For more information visit the AFCA funding model consultation page.

IT transformation

Since the Independent Review report was published, AFCA has launched a new benchmarking dashboard for members to access real-time data about their complaint performance and compare it with the performance of similar financial firms.

This is just the first in a series of system launches and upgrades to benefit members, complainants and AFCA staff. Future launches include a redesigned member portal, new consumer portal, and upgraded complaint management system.

The IT transformation supports recommendations related to timeliness, efficiency, and transparency by allowing AFCA to use data, analytics, and automation to improve processes and provide insights on complaints and how they progress though AFCA’s process.

AFCA fairness jurisdiction project

AFCA has completed another significant component of the fairness jurisdiction project. The new AFCA fairness storybook summarises AFCA fairness jurisdiction and provides information on how AFCA ensures it is applied consistently and in a way that is fair for members and complainants.

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