Updated: 31 October 2023

The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) has received a high volume of complaints against Forex Financial Services Pty Ltd from consumers who have been unable to access their funds via the online trading website.

AFCA unable to consider complaints regarding Forex Financial Services
AFCA is only able to consider complaints about financial firms that are members of AFCA.

Although Forex Financial Services is currently an AFCA member, it is unclear if the entity used by consumers to invest funds is also an AFCA member. Forex Financial Services says that it has no connection with the online trading website, and that its company name and Australian licence details have been fraudulently used on that website.

Under our Rules, we do not have the power to carry out the type of investigation required to decide if the financial service provided to customers in this instance has come from an AFCA member.

AFCA has referred this matter to ASIC for review.

AFCA is unable to consider these complaints against Forex Financial Services while ASIC is reviewing this matter.

Consumers impacted by Forex Financial Services
AFCA encourages any consumer with a concern about accessing their trading funds through Forex Financial Services to refrain from lodging a complaint until ASIC has completed its review.

We will keep you updated
AFCA will keep you up to date if we become aware of new information about Forex Financial Services or receive further information from ASIC.

给客户有关外汇金融服务有限公司 (Forex Financial Services Pty Ltd) 的重要信息



虽然Forex Financial Services目前是AFCA的成员,但目前尚不清楚客户用于投资的实体是否也是AFCA成员。 Forex Financial Services表示,他们与该在线交易网站没有关联,其公司名称和澳大利亚许可证详细信息已在该网站上被欺诈使用。



在审核此事期间,AFCA无法受理这些针对Forex Financial Services投诉。

受Forex Financial Services影响的客户

任何对是否可以通过Forex Financial Services获得交易资金存在疑虑的客户,AFCA不鼓励在ASIC完成审核之前递交投诉申请。


如果我们了解有关Forex Financial Services的最新信息或从ASIC获得更多的信息,AFCA将及时与您更新。

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