26 March 2019

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) was in Townsville again today to meet with those affected by the recent Townsville floods.

At a free event hosted by the Townsville Chamber of Commerce, Lead Ombudsman provided advice to over 120 community members and answered questions about insurance disputes. The event also offered AFCA the opportunity to better understand the needs of the community following the floods.

AFCA first visited the flood affected area in February to meet with small business owners. 

Following natural disasters, many people have insurance claims. AFCA expects these claims to be processed fairly and efficiently, however if there are any disputes, AFCA is able to intervene to resolve them. 

Common disputes following natural disasters include denial or delay in insurance claims and disagreements about claim amounts.

Many people may also be facing financial difficulties. Anyone in this position should contact their bank or credit provider. Most financial firms have dedicated financial hardship teams that people can work with to organise their accounts while they wait for the outcome of insurance claims.

If people encounter difficulties with an insurance claim or financial hardship application, they can contact AFCA 1800 931 678 or at afca.org.au