AFCA uses expert Panels to make Determinations about particularly complex complaints we receive. Panel members are appointed by the AFCA Board based on their objectivity, qualifications, experience and relevant personal qualities.

Each panel that is formed to make a Determination will normally have three members – a Chair (an AFCA Ombudsman), an industry representative and a consumer representative.

AFCA has a large pool of Panel members covering consumer and industry specialist experience to draw on to ensure that the correct expertise is applied to each complaint.

Consumer representatives

  • Alexandra Rumore (General Insurance; Banking & Finance)
  • Amy Knox (Banking & Finance; General Insurance; Life Insurance; Superannuation)
  • Anna Meulman (General Insurance)
  • Dr Annette Carruthers (Life Insurance; Investments; Superannuation; Medical) 
  • Bill Mitchell (Investments, Stockbroking)
  • Dana Beiglari (Banking & Finance, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Superannuation)
  • Ian Hamm (All product streams)
  • Jane Foley (Banking & Finance, General Insurance)
  • Julia Davis (General Insurance)
  • Dr Laurie Warfe (Superannuation; General Insurance; Medical)
  • Mary-Beth McFarlane (General Insurance; Life Insurance; Banking & Finance; Investments & Advice; Superannuation)
  • Michelle Wright (General Insurance, Superannuation)
  • Mukesh Haikerwal (General Insurance; Medical; Superannuation)
  • Nicholas Anderson (General Insurance, Life Insurance; Banking & Finance)
  • Peter Gartlan (General Insurance)
  • Philip Cullum (Banking & Finance)
  • Philippa Heir (General Insurance)
  • Richard King (Medical)
  • Stephen Duffield (Superannuation)
  • Susan Shedda (General Insurance, Medical, Superannuation)

Industry representatives

  • Alex Knipping (Investments; Stockbroking) 
  • Andrew Moffat (Banking & Finance; Mediation)
  • Bob Emery (Investments)
  • Brad Fox (Investments)
  • Bruce Beakey (Investments) 
  • Bruce Debenham (Banking & Finance)
  • Corin Jacka (Investments)
  • Dallas Booth (General Insurance, Life Insurance)
  • Darren McShane (Investments & Advice, Superannuation)
  • Graham Slater (Life Insurance)
  • Ian Rosenberg (Investments; Stockbroking) 
  • Ian Wylie (General Insurance, Traditional Trustee)
  • Jason Chong (Banking & Finance)
  • Jason Fallscheer (Banking & Finance)
  • Jenny Diggle (Investments)
  • John Trowbridge (Life Insurance) 
  • Joel Rozen (Banking & Finance)
  • Kirsten O’Donoghue (Banking & Finance)
  • Lynda Purcell (Superannuation)
  • Martin McIntosh (Investments) 
  • Matthew Wigzell (Investments; Stockbroking) 
  • Mohinder Kumar (General Insurance)
  • Nicole Kroesche (Medical)
  • Owen Bradfield (Insurance)
  • Pamela McAlister (Life Insurance; Superannuation)
  • Paul Francis (Life Insurance; Superannuation) 
  • Paul Muir (General Insurance)
  • Paul Sabine (Banking & Finance)
  • Philip Oswald (General Insurance) 
  • Rebecca Jaffe (Banking & Finance) 
  • Reece Williams (General Insurance) 
  • Robyn Napier (Life Insurance; Medical; Superannuation)
  • Russell Jones (Medical) 
  • Russell McKimm (Investments; Stockbroking)
  • Terry Wakefield (General Insurance)
  • Tim Donahoo (Banking & Finance)
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