The Operational Guidelines to the Rules of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (the scheme) have been prepared by Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (ACN 620 494 340), a company limited by guarantee, which was authorised by the Minister for Revenue and Financial Services in April 2018 to establish, maintain and promote the scheme. 

Our Operational Guidelines, and the Transitional Superannuation Guide, explain in more detail how we will interpret and apply our Rules when considering complaints involving financial firms.

Since ASIC approved our original Rules on 6 September 2018, ASIC has approved further changes to the Rules and the Operational Guidelines. The current version of the Operational Guidelines is available to download below. For full details of the Rules and Operational Guidelines as in force at different times, refer here.

View the AFCA Operational Guidelines(PDF)

View the AFCA Transitional Superannuation Guide [PDF]