Our live chat allows us to talk with you in real time about making a complaint to AFCA.

We can provide you with information on AFCA, general guidance on what type of complaints we can and can’t consider, and what type of information you need to provide us if you decide to lodge a complaint.

We cannot provide you with financial or legal advice. However, we may be able to refer you to another service if you need help.

Live chat is hosted by Comm100 on behalf of AFCA. Any personal information provided in your chat will be captured by both organisations in accordance with their privacy policies, which are available at www.afca.org.au/privacy and www.comm100.com/privacy.

Our live chat operates 9:00am–5:00am AEST.

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Talk to us in realtime using our online chat.Our live chat operates 9.00am-5.00am AEST

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