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Training and transition


Why is AFCA updating its IT systems? 

Updating our IT systems allows us to provide a modern, efficient, and user-friendly experience for all.  

The transformation includes new technology, streamlined processes and integrated systems, all designed to support fair, effective, and timely dispute resolution. 

When will the new systems launch? 

The new consumer portal, member portal, and case management system will launch on Monday 17 June 2024.


Will the new portals and case management system impact timeliness?  

Our IT transformation, including the new case management system, consumer and member portals, will help improve timeliness.   

Automated notifications, more streamlined processes, and enhanced information and document sharing will enable timely dispute resolution.   

Can consumers still contact AFCA by phone or email?  

Complaint lodgement by email and phone is still available for consumers with low literacy, low computer literacy and lack of access to internet or technology. 

AFCA will also continue to uphold priority phone contact for complainants who need additional support, to discuss how we can best tailor our service (including representatives).   

How will AFCA support vulnerable complainants with new automated processes?  

AFCA employees will be able to identify vulnerable complainants to provide additional assistance, as required.   

In addition, members can let us know if they believe there is a vulnerability we need to be aware of, and if additional assistance is required.   

Will consumers be able to limit the information and documents that members see?  

Complainants will be able to opt out of automatically sharing complaint information and documents in limited circumstances. 

For consumers that do use the portal to communicate, how should they contact AFCA? 

Complainants and consumer representatives that use the portal can communicate with AFCA and financial firms by raising a request.  

Raising a request will be how all parties communicate via the portal. There will be general requests or specific requests that you can raise. For example, when you need more time to respond or would like additional assistance. 

We will have portal 'how to' guides to explain and show what this will look like, and where to go to raise a request.  

The request function will allow you to write explanatory notes or messages to AFCA about your request. 

How will consumers and representatives be notified about the status of their complaint, for example when they need to respond to AFCA or a financial firm? 

AFCA will send notifications via email or SMS depending on the user’s preferences. Notification preferences are unique to each user and can be managed in the portal.  

If you are logged into the portal, you will also receive an alert when a new action or task is required. The portal will have a notifications page, and the navigation bar will also show new notifications.  

Can I deactivate my portal account after my complaint has been resolved? 

Yes, you can deactivate your portal account on the ‘Profile’ page. Instructions to deactivate an account will be available in portal 'how-to' guides. 

Will the system include a conciliation booking system? 

AFCA case workers will continue to arrange conciliations through calls and messages. However, once confirmed, we will send an invitation that can go in your calendar.  

Each complaint in the portal will also show upcoming appointments for that complaint, such as conciliation conferences.  

Training and transition 

What training or learning resources will be available? 

To assist consumers and representatives in using the new system, we will launch a range of resources and training, including: 

  • How-to-guides   
  • Video tours and tutorials   
  • Post go-live support 

When will training resources be available?  

Pre-launch activities, including training and other support, will be available 4-6 weeks before go-live. After go-live, training material will be available via the AFCA website for new users.  

What support will be available when the portal launches? 

On day one, and in the days that follow launch, AFCA will have a dedicated team available to support all parties in using the new portal. This will include a dedicated phone line and live chat function via the consumer portal. 

Will AFCA share a showcase of the final system when it’s ready?  

Yes, more videos showcasing the consumer portal will be available 4-6 weeks prior to launch. We will also hold a special webinar for consumer representatives in 2024 closer to launch. AFCA will invite representatives when we know more, and will provide more information and registration instructions on our website. 

Will all current and new complainants be required to use the new member portal on day one? 

When AFCA transitions to its new systems, not all complainants will be asked/required to create a consumer portal account because it may not be necessary for them to do so. For example, complainants in the very final stages of the AFCA process.  

After launch, new complainants must create a consumer portal account to make a complaint using AFCA’s online complaint form. Some complainants however, for example those with limited access to internet, low computer literacy or in other vulnerable situations, may choose to lodge a complaint via phone or email.   

AFCA has not yet determined how this transition phase will operate; however, more information and instructions will be available closer to launch. 

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