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Build and implementation:

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Why is AFCA updating its IT systems? 

Updating our IT systems allows us to provide a modern, efficient, and user-friendly experience for all. 

The transformation includes new technology, streamlined processes and integrated systems, all designed to support fair, effective, and timely dispute resolution. 

When will the new systems launch? 

The new member portal, consumer portal and case management system will launch in FY24. 

Based on current timelines, we anticipate launching in March 2024. 

Did AFCA members have any input? 

Member feedback about pain points and frustrations with our systems and process has been a key input into the design process. Feedback includes: 

  • Portal reliability and navigation 
  • Document and file upload limitations 
  • Cumbersome membership administration 
  • Inability to see the progression of cases and timeframes 
  • Invoices and payment difficulties 
  • Difficulty in accessing documents 

Will members be required to transition to the new system as soon as it launches? 

All open cases will be migrated to the new system from the time of launch, and members will be required to transition at this time. 


Why is AFCA removing the three-day grace period? 

The referral timeframe currently adds 3 days to the 21-day deadline for members, allowing processing time for correspondence via post and emails. 

The new system and portals will have live and automatic notifications; therefore, a grace period is no longer required. 

This aligns with ASIC RG271 timeframes. 

What if members believe a complaint has been referred incorrectly? 

If a member believes a complaint has been referred incorrectly, they can raise a request via the new portal for AFCA to review it. 

Will the new portals and case management system impact timeliness? 

Our IT transformation, including the new case management system and member portal, will help improve timeliness. 

Automated notifications, more streamlined processes, enhanced information, and document sharing will enable timely dispute resolution.

Can members still raise an objection to AFCA’s jurisdiction? 

Yes. Members can raise an objection to AFCA’s jurisdiction in the new portal. 

Can members still contact AFCA by phone or email? 

Yes. Although members can benefit from automatic notifications and information-sharing capabilities, they can still contact AFCA by phone or email should they need to.

How will AFCA support vulnerable complainants with new automated processes? 

AFCA employees will be able to identify vulnerable complainants and provide additional assistance as required. 

In addition, members can let us know if they believe there is a vulnerability we need to be aware of and if additional assistance is required.

Will members be able to limit the information and documents that complainants see? 

Members can opt out of automatically sharing complaint documents in limited circumstances. 

The system will allow members to choose whether to share information with a complainant. If members choose not to share specific information, we’ll need to understand why. 

In some cases, we might require this to be shared if we are relying on it to make a decision. 

Will out-of-jurisdiction complaints be automatically referred to the financial firm?

Yes, complaints will be automatically referred to the financial firm to the financial firm, allowing them to resolve the matter.

If members believe a complaint is out of AFCA’s jurisdiction, they can respond to AFCA and request we assess jurisdiction. A request to assess jurisdiction will end the referral period in the same way that it currently does now.

What happens if a complaint is lodged against the wrong financial firm and it is automatically referred?

If members believe a complaint is lodged against the wrong financial firm, they can use the new portal to inform AFCA and request we look into the complaint. The request will end the referral period.

If a consumer decides to not use the consumer portal, how will members communicate with them?

Members will still use the new member portal to manage the complaint and provide documentation.

AFCA case managers will handle uploading the consumer's correspondence and documentation.

Build and implementation

Will old cases be migrated across to the new system?

All open cases will be transferred to the new system.

As migrating closed cases requires data validation, AFCA will also look to transfer cases closed within the last six months. However, if a closed case needs to be reopened, it will be transferred to the new system regardless of age.

How long will closed cases be visible in the new system?

Closed cases will be visible on the system for six months after closing. Members should download any relevant information to their systems within this timeframe.

Will members have a chance to test the new system before it launches?

AFCA is looking for a range of small, medium, and large members to help with testing after the build is complete. 

Members should express interest by contacting our membership team at

Will AFCA be reviewing the complaint form and the questions complainants answer?

Yes, the online complaint form will be redesigned as part of the IT transformation. Members with feedback or ideas and submit them to

How will this effect the Datacube and benchmarking dashboard? Will the data change? Will we stop updating them?

There will be no changes to the Member Benchmarking Dashboard or AFCA Datacube upon launch, so that we can ensure consistency in reporting during the transition to new systems.

Member Benchmarking Dashboard will continue to be updated daily, and the AFCA Datacube will have new data added every six months.

The method members use to validate their data in preparation for the AFCA Datacube update will change.

Will communication with AFCA Systemic Issues, Code Governance Committee and Independent Assessor change?

AFCA’s internal system will be used by staff across a number of functions, including case management and systemic issues.

However, externally, members and other stakeholders will communicate with the Code Governance Committees and Independent Assessors through the same channels they use now.

System and functionality

Will financial firms with multiple entities be able to manage the complaints for their group as a whole as well as individual entities?

Yes, this functionality will be introduced in the new member portal.

The member administrator will be able to manage which entities are grouped and can access all member groups through one login.

How will members be notified of a new complaint?

Members will receive email notifications that direct them to log into the portal to see a new complaint referral. 

AFCA is currently finalising the details of this feature. We anticipate that members will be able to configure notifications to suit their needs.

How will members be notified of changes to a complaint?

Case managers will receive notifications according to their communication preferences, informing them about changes to a complaint, including new actions, documents or correspondence uploaded. 

Members will be able to adjust notification setting to customise this experience.

How will members be notified if a complaint is closed?

The improved complaints dashboard on the member portal will provide information on members’ cases, including when they closed.

Members will be able to select notification settings to enable notifications to case managers when there are changes on a complaint file, including closure.

Will the new system allow access for other parties assisting in management of complaints?

Where a consumer is represented, both the consumer and representative can log on to access case information, saving time and allowing them to look at information together.

How will members report errors about products, issue types or referral timelines?

If a member finds a potential error on a complaint at the referral stage, they can use the member portal to request AFCA review specific information on a complaint. AFCA can then change the information or timeframe if required.

What will the document upload size limit be?

The new member portal will have a significantly increased document size limit, with few instances where members cannot complete an upload.

The final size limit will be confirmed during the build of the new system.

What file types will be accepted by the new portal?

A wider range of file types will be accepted, including .wav audio files, jpeg, email, videos and photos. 

Will members be able to upload documents by ‘drag and drop’ into the portal?

Yes, this functionality will be available at launch.

What does “raise a request” mean?

Raising a request will be how members, complainants and AFCA will communicate via the portal. There will be general requests or specific requests that they can raise that cover common case management things. For example, when a member disputes jurisdiction on a case

via the portal, this will be done by raising a request. We will have portal 'how to' guides that will help members know what this will look like and where to go to raise a request.

The request function will allow members to write explanatory notes or messages to AFCA about their requests.

Will members be able to see which stream (fast-track, standard or complex) a complaint is in?

Yes, the current arrangement will continue on the new portal. This will allow members to ensure they allocate cases to the case managers with the right skill set. 

This information will not be visible at Registration (consistent with the current state) but will be available if the complaint does not resolve and progresses to case management.

Will the system include a conciliation booking system?

Following the launch, case managers will continue to arrange conciliations through calls and messages.

However, once confirmed, we will send an invitation that can go into the member and complainant’s calendars.

Will documents be automatically shared with all parties?

In most cases, an uploaded document from the member will be automatically shared with the complainant. Allowing them to review its contents as soon as possible.

However, in limited circumstances, the member can select that a document not be automatically shared, such as when the complaint relates to a death benefit or is commercially sensitive.

Information about this functionality will be included in the member training resources.

Will members be able to sync their system with AFCA’s new portal? Or extract data to use in their systems?

Members will be able to download case documents shared via the new portal.  

System integration is not part of the scope for the initial portal launch. However, this may be something we consider for future releases. 

Accounts and roles

Can one person hold multiple role types at the same time?

Yes, a person can be assigned multiple roles in the new member portal. For example, they can be a case manager and financial contact if required.  

Can multiple people be assigned the financial contact role?

Each financial firm can only have one billing contact role.

However, if a firm has multiple entities, each entity can have its own finance contact under a separate AFCA membership.

What will happen if a case manager is away? Can someone manage their complaints and receive notifications?

Member administrators, or managers with the appropriate security role, can assign cases to people to manage their work in the way they need.

So if a case manager is away, they can reassign those cases to the administrator or another case manager. This will allow them to manage those cases and receive notifications where there is a planned or unplanned absence.

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